Championing brand experience.

Campaign’s Brand Experience Agency of The Decade

Amplify was founded to create big ideas, stories, campaigns, platforms, experiences and activations that can be shared and amplified by everyone, through every touchpoint and across the entire marketing mix.

We work with some of the most progressive and innovative brands all over the world and were recently named Campaign's Brand Experience Agency of the Decade. We believe that a brand experience is an approach and a relationship, not an activation or tactical event. As an agency, we take pride in pioneering the untraditional with the rigour of the traditional through a powerful mix of strategic thinking, creative bravery, cultural connection and executional excellence.

Our holistic approach to brand experiences, whether they’re physical or virtual optimises every one of those consumer-brand interactions. In our brand experience campaigns that blur the lines between IRL and digital worlds, we keep the charm of IRL while embracing the best of URL to break the format of typical virtual conferences, webinars, broadcasts and online productions to show the personality and values of brands.

Due to the integrated nature of what we do you’ll see our campaign work spans multiple channels and capabilities, but regardless of channel we place narrative and storytelling at the heart of everything we do.