Making Sense Of Color

Amplify + Google show the world how to make sense of color at Milan Design Week...


After standout showcases at Salone del Mobile Milano, Google set out to make 2024’s exhibition its most expressive yet. Having explored how design impacts our biology in 2019’s A Space For Being, and how water is a formative force connecting us all in 2023, Shaped by Water, the latest exhibit set out to show how color is elemental to sensing the world and a powerful aspect of Google’s latest hardware design.

Insight + Strategy

Knowing that color is an embodiment of energy and its impact on our biology and psychology, Google set out to shape a deeper understanding of its natural forces in a world supercharged with emotion.

The intent with the experience offered an opportunity… a moment to step out of a hectic world and into an installation offering rest, relaxation and contemplation. One designed to leave guests feeling both refreshed and revitalised.


Google Making Sense Of Color

Placing creative curiosity and collaboration at the centre of our work, we set out to tell the story of how color transforms our experience of the world around us – bringing the collective vision of Google’s Vice President of Hardware Design, Ivy Ross, her design team, and the arts + research lab, Chromasonic, to life.

The first multi-layered immersive environment of the exhibition was made of 21 spaces, or nodes, activated by a single source of light and spatialized sound. As guests moved around the space, Chromasonic’s Refrequencing technology translated sound frequencies to light and light frequencies to sound, transforming how people both connected to their own movement, each other and the harmonisation of light and sound itself.

Having experienced a transformative shift in the first part of their journey, guests were then challenged to consider how they sense color as they moved through a series of spaces dedicated to Google’s hardware portfolio. From touch to sight, scent to taste, we shaped a series of uniquely immersive worlds that enabled guests to collect a deeper understanding of the brand’s thoughtful approach to design.