We bring brands to life,
all over the world.

We place narrative design + storytelling at the heart of everything we create.

That's why we believe that the more we blur the lines between physical experiences and online digital experiences, the more we can captivate our audience with brand stories designed to be shared. This belief has led us to continue crafting the creative services we offer, all through the lens of experience, entertainment and culture.

  • Brand Consultancy

    We find cultural spaces where people and brands can benefit each other and co-create, to empower ideas, community and conversation.

    Understanding the brand’s ambition, its reality and the cultural context that both it and its competitors exist in ensures we not only identify the cultural spaces for brand to play in, but the reason to believe they should. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that a core, strategically sound thought and narrative runs throughout their campaigns, giving us consistency from a consumer perspective as well as a platform that joins the dots between people, brands + culture.

    Our team bring diverse perspectives and experiences to every one of our client relationships, so whatever the brand or business challenge, our audience understanding, pragmatic approach and cultural expertise ensure that our insights and trends are grounded, impactful and resonant.

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  • Brand Experience

    We believe that brand experience is an approach and a relationship, not an activation or tactical event. We take pride in pioneering the untraditional with the rigour of the traditional through a powerful mix of strategic thinking, creative bravery, cultural connection and executional excellence. Our holistic approach to brand experiences whether they’re physical or virtual optimises every one of those consumer-brand interactions.

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  • Integrated campaigns

    We were founded to create big ideas, stories, content, campaigns, platforms, experiences and activations that can be shared and amplified by everyone, through every touchpoint and across the entire marketing mix. From the different blends of talent that call Amplify home to the work we create - we're continually reimagining how we engage, immerse and entertain audiences.

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  • Film + Broadcast

    Rooted in audience insight, we create multi-channel content that informs and entertains, breaking the format of where it lives and how audiences engage with it. We create content across the channel mix, to produce scalable campaigns that live through talent or brand channels and cut through the noise of motion content. By placing narrative design and storytelling at the heart of everything we create, our client’s audiences feel that desired connection, which means they are captivated by the story, and in turn, they want to be part of it. This turns our campaigns into content engines with stories designed to be shared at the heart.

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  • Creators, Communities + Partnerships

    We believe in the power of getting under the skin of real people to help brands understand their potential role in culture. Creators, influencers, talent and communities are an extension of a brand’s audience and have the power to influence everything from cultural relevance to buying decisions, and so we believe understanding the power of collaborations is key to brand success.

    A core part of our Strategy, Culture and Communications offering focuses on driving credible reach and relevance through people and partnerships. By understanding the power of these types of collaboration, we can ensure campaigns and experiences drive conversations, cultural impact and earned reach through compelling brand and product stories, designed to traverse channels and spaces.

    Co.Labs is our approach to culturally relevant co-creation and partnerships, focused on driving reach and relevance, and delivering authentic and impactful campaigns and experiences.

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  • Entertainment + IP

    worldbuilding forms the evolution of brand worlds and B2C marketing; it allows us to craft more interconnected and immersive ways to engage with audiences. The combination of emerging technologies and the continually blurred lines of channels, disciplines and mediums ensure it will only gain more traction as a fundamental framework for building brands.

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  • Disruptive media

    We're pioneering change in anamorphic and disruptive media. From the first global anamorphic moment, to the world’s first live-action billboard, we continue to innovate and disrupt the media landscape. Creating a canvas for worldbuilding and storytelling, we create big ideas, campaigns, experiences and platforms that are amplified at every touchpoint.

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