Pioneering change in anamorphic and disruptive media.

The billboard is evolving

Creative uses of 3D imagery are being used to sell everything from movies to video games to sneakers, and the last couple of years, in particular, have seen a surge in the use of anamorphic billboards. From product to IP and beyond, the format can be used to tell stories and subvert expectations.

And when we talk about content that travels, in reality, the primary way that these 3D billboards are experienced is not necessarily through the eyes of the IRL audience at the ground level but through the screen of UGC or accompanying curated content output. This opens up worldbuilding and storytelling opportunities beyond whatever 60-second narrative is being told on the side of a building, allowing post-production and context to be added.

From creating the world’s first live-action anamorphic DOOH campaign to flipping anamorphic on its head to launch the next chapter of a global cultural gaming phenomenon, we lead from the front, embracing disruptive media that create cultural moments that become cultural currency as they are innately shareable on social media.