Window into the world of Nakheel

Amplify + Nakheel takeover Harrods’ iconic windows bringing luxurious waterfront living to the streets of Knightsbridge...


Nakheel is a master developer renowned for luxury waterfront living, and innovative new projects like Palm Jumeirah. Although Nakheel has a premium offering in the Dubai property market, many in London don’t necessarily have Nakheel front-of-mind when considering their next investment.

Nakheel had a unique opportunity to take over the iconic window display at Harrods, which attracts 100,000 customers per day. How could we create a display that would showcase the premium and innovative Nakheel offering, whilst raising awareness of the master developer portfolio?

Insight + Strategy

We needed to play into the audience’s passion points, motivations and influences to create a window display that would capture their imagination.

We knew we were looking at a unique Middle Eastern and Far East audience in London, so needed to understand how best to position the brand and show how it fits into their carefully curated lifestyles.

We also recognised water as a key component in much of Nakheel’s property developments - often referenced as a focal point throughout their branding.


Window into the world of Nakheel

Amplify transformed the luxury storefront into a watery paradise for Nakheel Dubai, United Arab Emirates, architects of luxury and developers of Palm Jumeirah.

A seven part narrative into the world of Nakheel that evolves through each of the windows: transporting the viewer through sculpture and storytelling.

As a key theme water runs through the Nakheel narrative, and we took inspiration from a quote by Nakheel’s CEO - “Nakheel is the master of the sea. We have water all around.. either reclaiming from the ocean or bringing water into our developments. This is a key factor we will maintain in all future projects.” - Naaman Atallah, CEO

The windows reimagine the fluid materiality of different water states from ripples, to waves and swells through dynamic and sculptural responses that create a sense of place, power, beauty and vastness of the ocean; themes synonymous with Nakheel’s vision and story.

Utilising an innovative array of materials and light, the installations bring to life the glimmering architectural waterfront residences that Nakheel rises from the waves.

Each window and world transports the audience into the narrative by creating a collection of interconnected apertures that seamlessly traverse window design as we envelop consumers in the brand world.