Fly Away Isles

Amplify + LEGO create New York City’s first-ever playspace designed by kids and LEGO bricks.


Gold, Community Experience


LEGO Group has been at the forefront of play since the brand's inception. So when their 90th birthday came around in 2022, the challenge was simple: how could the LEGO Group celebrate play in a way the world has never seen before?

Insight + Strategy

We knew the opportunity was bigger...

We asked ourselves, how could we bring meaningful change to marginalised communities by encouraging underprivileged children to aspire to more, all through the inspiration of play?

Showing the world the future of play...

We wanted to shine a light on underprivileged communities where play is not a priority while showing the world that the future of play, and indeed of the world, lies in the talented and creative minds of children.

We partnered with a West Harlem-based community, and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called Brotherhood Sister Sol and quickly made them our partners for the project.

Working with them, we uncovered how the LEGO Group could create meaningful change. But rather than working with the adult figureheads behind the organisation, we tapped into the minds of the ones who benefit from play the most - and used their playful creativity to build change in the community they’re a part of.


Playshops not workshops

We organised and filmed a series of Play Workshops, inviting local children to come and think about what inspired them to play, and what an ideal playspace would look like to them… then we challenged them to build it out of LEGO bricks.

Hosting the workshops was a world-renowned artist Hebru Brantley, who, like our kids, came from a childhood without the right play resources. With a background in both street art and sculpture, he translated the multitude of LEGO builds the kids created in the workshops, into a concept for a sculptural playspace installation.

New York City’s first-ever playspace designed by kids...

From a rocket ship to volcanoes, to friendly snakes and beyond - the ideas that the kids came up with through the action of LEGO play, were turned into colourful and vibrant play pieces that were installed in their very own community. Resulting in a delightful space that unlocked children’s imaginations. The space was then tied together with a mural created by Hebru that ensured a lasting legacy in the West Harlem community.