Leave the World Behind

Amplify + Netflix cause Australians to question their reality...


To launch Netflix’s hotly anticipated psychological thriller, Leave the World Behind, with a disruptive stunt that would spark online conversation.

Insight + Strategy

Leave the World Behind explores various themes, including the power of doubt and the fragility of technology.

For today's digitally obsessed audience, these themes are more relevant than ever, as it's become essential to consider the reality and authenticity of the digital content we're presented daily.

The film features a standout scene involving a herd of deer behaving ominously, as if the animals are aware of a coming threat to the world.

Our approach was to bring this iconic deer motif into a series of disruptive stunts that leveraged real OOH media and the increasingly popular social media trend of faux CGI content to cause paranoia across channels.


Leave the World Behind

A series of stunts that saw ominous warnings and a herd of wild deer take over the city to make Australians question their reality.

Ominous OOH

In the lead-up to launch, existing Leave The World Behind media placements across retail screens, street posters and highway billboards were replaced with disruptive, ominous warnings.

Many of the placements featured location and context-specific copy to grab the attention of the audience.

Wild Deer in The City

Following the OOH going live, local content creators Georgie & Zac, Katie Williams, Pasha Grozdov and Adrian Widj shared posts that showed oddly behaving CGI deer appearing throughout the city.

Integrating content creators into the concept and using their channels to post each video as if they independently captured the moment themselves was a major evolution of the faux CGI trend and added to its believability.

Hyde Park Takeover

The faux CGI content culminated with TikTok star Jamie Zhu surrounded by a herd of deer in Sydney’s iconic Hyde Park.

In another evolution of the format, fellow creator Cam Merchant captured the fictional moment from a totally different angle, with the pair commenting on each other’s posts to solidify the idea that this was a real, shared experience.

Netflix further fuelled the conversation with mysterious comments on every creator’s posts before eventually taking ownership of the stunt on their Australia & New Zealand social channels 24 hours later.