Air Max Day

Amplify + Nike transform music into art for Air Max Day


For Air Max Day, Nike released an entirely new Air Max silhouette – Air Max Pulse. A shoe inspired by the sound of a new generation – engineered to help you move through the streets like you’re listening to that one song. Nike needed a disruptive launch moment that would drive hype amongst Air Max fans, immediately placing the iconic silhouette at the heart of the underground music and street culture scene.

Insight + Strategy

Air Max Day is a moment not to be missed. It’s a day marked out in every sneaker head’s calendar. And every year, Nike never fails to impress their hyper-critical fan base. But, with the hype, the fans have come to expect more and more.

What could Nike do to raise the bar yet again?

We turned to the underground music scene that inspired the silhouette. Where style and attitudes are unapologetic, unrelenting and loud to create a content-engine that would encapsulate the beating heart of the Air Max Pulse.



A larger than life and interactive Air Max Pulse art installation that was powered by 'The Pulse of London'.

Taking over Peckham Levels in London, an authentic location for the next-gen music scene, we transformed underground sounds into generative art that interacted with a large-scale Air Max Pulse installation, in real-time. By tapping into the underground music scene, we turned the London skyline into our own billboard to launch Nike's latest silhouette.

On the ground floor, a gig, hosted by AI generative artist and VJ Daito Manabe, set the tempo. Whilst up on the roof, the giant Air Max Pulse shoe was a OOH canvas waiting to be transformed.

Using innovative technology, the pulse from the music below became the art for the shoe, in real-time. The generative art interacted with the large-scale Air Max Pulse canvas. Paired with Daito’s AI systems we manipulated sound into art which meant that when artists hit the mic, the shoe canvas would portray a real-time, live representation of the people, music and energy on the floors below.

Defying the London skyline, the Air Max Pulse installation became a canvas for the pulse of London, and in turn, became a content engine that sparked a movement online. Resulting in Nike Air Max Day 2023, being one of the most successful calendar moments yet.

Check out what happened behind the scenes at Air Max Day '23, courtesy of Complex magazine.