Air Max Dn Launch

Amplify + Nike reimagine Air Max for the next generation of South East Asia & India...


The iconic Nike Air Max was having an identity crisis with the next generation. While the original Air Max wearers know about its cultural relevance and the iconicity surrounding it, Gen Zalpha has not grown up with their own Air Max story. So with the launch of the brand new Air Max Dn - it was time to create that narrative for South East Asia and India (SEA&I).

Insight + Strategy

Meet the ‘Maxximalists’. A crew of multi-hyphenate creators at the heart of the booming mash-up culture movement happening throughout the SEA&I region. With them, and through their platforms, we had an opportunity to establish a clear identity for Air Max Dn and drive its connection to the new generation of consumers by introducing it as if we’re launching Air Max for the very first time.

Our goal was to showcase how our Maxximalists used the Dns to unlock an unreal feeling of ‘Dynamic Air’ in their not-so-everyday lives - be that through walking on water in Mumbai, turning walls into a catwalk in Sinapore, or levitating in the streets of Bangkok.


Day in the Dn

Living on the creator’s own channels, each ‘Day in the Dn’ film was a mini-vlog driven by the simple narrative of the Air Max Dn unlocking unreal moments in Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai.

Inspired by the creators’ own signature storytelling styles and techniques, these films each featured a distinct, unreal moment that broke the realm of reality.

As well as being the audience’s first look at the Air Max Dn in each market, the films all celebrated the local, recognisable cultural destinations along the way that only our audience would recognise.

The Unreal Lookbook

Following the launch of the Day in the Dn films, we enlisted an extended crew of Maxximalists in each market to help co-create The Unreal Lookbook. A video lookbook that was as much a look into the creative lives of our crew, as it was a series of looks for the Air Max Dn.

Each creator was given a ‘page’ to do what they wanted to showcase the Air Max Dn in their own unreal way. This resulted in 18 unique pieces of content that passed the lookbook around the entire South East Asia & India region - one creator at a time.

Step into The Unreal Lookbook

Once The Unreal Lookbook was complete, each creator’s page was translated into an IRL experience to celebrate the Air Max Dn release at the Unreal Studio in their respective market during Air Max Week 2024. Just like the lookbook itself, each experience was a unique mash-up of different ideas and experiences, co-created by the Maxximalists in Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai.

The audience were invited to step into, and feel the unreal for themselves - in these vibrant worlds created by the community that we made the new ‘owners’ of the Air Max Dn.