Made For Originals

Amplify + O&M deliver an immersive masterclass on the art and science of hair colouring...


To affirm their position as leaders in haircare, O&M wanted to create a first-of-its-kind hair festival that immersed attendees in a world of education and celebration.

The ambition was to foster brand love and increase desirability to become an O&M brand ambassador through showcasing O&M’s accessibility, edge and connection to renowned industry professionals.

Amplify was tasked with creative development, design and production of the event.

Insight + Strategy

Hair professionals are modern day alchemists, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. With skillful hands and creative vision, hair becomes a canvas for self-expression.

Our approach was to bring to life O&M’s art and science philosophy and enable brand ambassadors to express their individuality and originality through personalisation.


O&M Made for Originals

Held at Carriageworks for one day only, 500 attendees including hair industry professionals and influencers were immersed in the O&M world for an unforgettable day of education and celebration.

To express the theme of the art and science of hair colour, we combined vibrant colours with industrial textures and materials, complementing the aesthetic of the venue and creating an energetic and creative atmosphere.

Kicking off with a 10 minute wellness session led by Movement Specialist Ellice De Giovanni, attendees started the festival feeling grounded, inspired and energised.

Hosted by industry legend Natalie Anne, the event covered a full spectrum of hair education, led by globally recognised ambassadors Jaye Edwards, Amelia Jane, Kirsty Anne, Becc Snow and Kim Haberley. Each ambassador was invited to express their originality by customising their stages, which were placed throughout the venue.

O&M founder Jose Bryce Smith took part in a Q&A session, sharing her story and innovative process, motivating attendees in their own pursuits.

The event culminated with an afterparty led by DJ Lauren Mac, providing a celebratory wrap-up to an unforgettable day of education, made for originals.