1000 Victories

A TikTok Community Story

Amplify + Nike presents 1000 Victories.
A TikTok Community Story...


2023 saw a generational global moment for sport in Australasia. A moment when the world turned its attention to the biggest football tournament of the year. With all eyes on Australia and New Zealand (AU/NZ), Nike wanted to inspire the next generation to create a vision of the future of sport and what it means for them. Showing the future of the sport, not as the end of the story, but the joyful journey rooted in community.

During the Women’s World Cup month the influence of the Matildas had never been more significant, our challenge was to give those at a grassroots level a platform to tell their story. Not only those who played, but the fans, supporters and allies around the game.

Partnering with TikTok we asked ourselves how Nike could help to unearth these stories and tell a reimagined story around victory.

Insight + Strategy

We listened to the community and ultimately understood that the definition of victory has historically been too narrowly defined. We wanted to give the community a platform to demonstrate the meaning of victory - its breadth and diversity - and for the community to feel more connected through the world in and around football..

Using a combination of insights from Nike, community interviews, editorial analysis and trend reports we understood that success has long been defined as a big win or a big moment. This has left younger audiences feeling like they couldn’t really celebrate in the way they wanted to - feeling the most susceptible to judgement or criticism - and we knew this was exactly what we needed to challenge this and inspire storytelling in a unique way.

We took this insight and the new way users are telling stories on TikTok and used the platform as a place to source real stories, casting native creators and storytellers who formed the collective recruited to help co-create 1000 Victories with Nike.

As TikTok is the home of modern-day storytellers, creators and community-driven content - we knew that this wasn’t just another platform for broadcasting branded content, but a way for our next gen audience to connect with their community like no other.

This campaign had fan culture at its core, using the power of social media to deliver a rallying cry to an audience and bring them closer to the brand.

The work was crafted around a platform-first way of storytelling on TikTok and leveraged brand ambassadors, athletes and creators to recruit storytellers from across the women’s football community in Australia and New Zealand to form a part of the first ever community powered documentary on TikTok. The UGC campaign delivered multiple world firsts and pushed the boundary of creative social thinking.


Nike Presents: 1000 Victories

A 19-part TikTok documentary made by the community, for the community - with their real stories at the heart of it.

Powered by UGC, the platform's first documentary celebrated and showcased victory in the football community from all over Australia and New Zealand, revealing the game's beauty and its impact on broader culture and society.

We worked particularly with over 30 creators including Nike athletes, brand ambassadors, viral TikTok creators and grassroots athletes.

Launching with a TikTok call out from the Matildas Vice Captain, Steph Catley, we asked “What does victory look like to you?”

From convincing your family to watch their first game, to forming a band with your teammates, the campaign asked the Australia and New Zealand community in and around football to show us what victory looks like to them.

From this call the responses poured in and the momentum of the message uncovered an endless stream of beautiful moments and definitions of ‘victory’ - directly from the women’s football community of AUNZ.

Composed of hundreds of creators’ videos, with co-creation at all levels, each sharing a singular community story on the big and small personal victories in women's sport.

Watch the 19-part documentary on TikTok HERE.

And the results?

12.4% increase in brand association that "Nike is a brand that is invested in the future of women in sport community" and the campaign put Nike in the top 5% of retail advertisers in Australia for ad awareness as well as the top 3% of global brands.