We're a home for creative
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We represent the exciting world around us.

To have the best ideas and create defining work, we need a team and an extended network of collaborators that reflect this exciting, culturally rich and diverse world we live in.

Amplify is built from a tapestry of talent, an unexpected and diverse breadth of lived experiences, skillsets, work backgrounds, ages, personalities, and passions. We encourage all our team to have a point of view, share their influences and support their passions inside and outside of work. By doing this, we know that not only will our team be happier and more inspired, but our work will be more creative and deeply connected in culture.

Our People

We never forget that we’re only as good as those talented individuals who choose to call Amplify ‘home’. Across our global hubs we're lucky to have some of the smartest, creative and progressive minds. Our shared values guide our internal culture and create a shared ethos that inspires the work we do for clients.

But we know we can always be better, and we're always honing our art and our science. Whilst we're now a more established agency we still approach the world with the agility, vigour and energy of a start-up, as we know to be a truly progressive agency we will always be work in progress.

Key initiatives

Women of Amplify
Voices of Us

Our Social Mission

Whilst Amplify are lucky enough to work with a breadth of audiences, it is always the influential younger audiences we look to for inspiration, creativity, collaboration, innovation and generally see 'what's next?'.

Through our shared personal and work experiences on a variety of cutting-edge youth brands we continue to find the younger audiences both positive and pragmatic. This is despite a backdrop of growing up in a time where the gap between 'the haves' and 'have nots' continues to grow, opportunities previous generations have enjoyed no longer exist and they continued to be unfairly badmouthed from some sectors of mass and mainstream media.

Amplify's social mission is to 'connect with, enable and champion young creative talent, from all walks of life’. We believe every creative person should have access to opportunities that could change their lives. To achieve overall change in our agency and the industry, we must prioritise disrupting the talent pipeline and levelling the playing field to ensure everyone has fair access. We believe we have a collective responsibility to 'pass the baton', and we try to lead by example.

Key initiatives

Young Blood
New Wave
Brixton Finishing School
D&AD Shift

Our Sustainability Mission

Our industry is often criticised for its negative impact and challenged for its lack of actionable solutions to improve its work's environmental, social or cultural value. We want to change that. We know we have an opportunity and the potential to create positive change, but we also know we can’t do it alone. That’s why our approach to sustainability is people-first.

Amplify's sustainability policy is our commitment to each other and a roadmap to action as we work to build a more sustainable future for Amplify and the industry at large. It includes five commitments, each connected to tangible KPIs that are measured and monitored as part of our action plan to keep people inspired.

We are committed to:

  1. Promoting transparency and ethics across the business to shape a stronger culture.
  2. Harnessing the power of our influence to support collaborative, collective behaviour change on an individual, business and industry level
  3. Ensuring socially and environmentally responsible sourcing and procurement.
  4. Prioritising a healthy, happy working environment focusing on support, engagement and development.
  5. Continually reducing our carbon and waste footprint, achieving net zero by 2050 at the latest.

Key initiatives

Greener experiences