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Amplify's point of view on retail experience...

Amplify was founded to create big ideas, stories, campaigns, platforms, experiences and activations that can be shared and amplified by everyone, through every touchpoint and across the entire marketing mix.

Where Amplify sit in the world of retail experience…

We take an experience first approach to retail, leaning into our expertise spanning brand, design, experience, retail and CX, creating seamless retail journeys. We work at a global and territory with clients including adidas, Amazon, Brewdog, Converse, Dr Martens, Diageo, Facebook, Footlocker, Google, Jack Daniel’s, PlayStation and Porsche.

We believe that retail experience is ready for change…

As retail has undergone huge changes over recent years, we have had the opportunity to apply our way of thinking to the sector: reimagining what retail can be by turning customers into fans; shaping new omnichannel journeys and amplifying key messages to specific audiences.

As an agency, we take pride in pioneering the untraditional with the rigour of the traditional through a powerful mix of strategic thinking, creative bravery, cultural connection and executional excellence. Our approach results in unconventional ideas that are even more powerful when applied to a discipline such as retail.

Retail now needs a greater reason to exist…

With over a decade of experience in bringing brands to life, we understand the challenges involved in reaching audiences and communicating messages. Our clients come to us to launch ground breaking products and ideas, and we see retail as a key platform for this. Rather than facilitation and acquisition, it’s about inspiration and engagement — ideally over the long-term. When creating retail experiences we take into account the entire customer journey: before, during and after - this enables us to think beyond the physical limitations of the store.

We create customer experience benchmarks that point to the future…

Our expertise in brand means that we have a freedom of thought in relation to retail and customer experience. We see the potential for true retail experiences as destinations: hubs where people, brands and culture come together. Audiences crave interaction and engagement: the most powerful way to encourage this is creating somewhere that a brand can be experienced fully, with all the senses. By ensuring that retail experiences are adaptable, flexible and evolving, we give people reason to return.

Joining the dots between people, brands + culture.

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