Call of Duty

Amplify drive online gamers and their fans on the road trip of a lifetime...


Gamers were eagerly awaiting the release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Amplify were challenged to create a European wide campaign to celebrate the launch. Making a lasting connection with gamers, as well as gaining specific media coverage through telling key stories, was also integral.


Credibility is essential when connecting YouTube gamers and their fans. Trust, engagement and original content are important factors to get right in order to celebrate and entertain both audiences in a genuine way.


To create exclusive experiences that made both our audiences feel valued, like “gaming rock stars”, whilst also providing our YouTubers with the authentic content they needed to create for their fans.



A socially integrated VIP trip to Europe's biggest gaming event across four capital cities, Gamescom, for 57 gamers and 42 YouTube influencers, a 4-day action packed programme of content-worthy experiences to be shared by our influencers and winners.