Pinterest Manifestival at Cannes Lions 2023

Amplify + Pinterest create a festival of discovery, inspiration and doing at Cannes Lions 2023...


The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity sees the global advertising industry gather to celebrate industry leading creative, nurture relationships and be inspired by what’s next in advertising.

Brands hold pinnacle positions on the beach and each year competition levels-up, so the challenge was big, especially as in 2022 Pinterest’s activation was the most talked about experience on the beach.

Pinterest needed a brand experience that would build brand momentum, drive comprehension of their unique benefits and inspire the audience to discover what’s possible on the platform.

Insight + Strategy

We knew we needed to level-up and show that Pinterest is the only platform that moves beyond inspiration and takes people from dreaming to doing. From passively scrolling to making plans and taking action.

Our strategy was to show what it feels like to step into Pinterest and experience the consumer journey through activations inspired by the growing Gen Z audience.


Welcome to the Manifestival, where anything is possible…

Introducing the Pinterest ‘Manifestival’: Part celebration of Pinterest Gen Z culture, part invitation for advertisers to manifest a life they love, for themselves.

The Pinterest ‘Manifestival’ was created to be a place where guests could discover new possibilities, decide on a change or something new and then put it into action. It was a space that embodied the power of both possibilities and creativity.

The ‘Pinterest ‘Manifestival' brought the brand to life with endless opportunities to get creative and feel inspired about the possibilities on Pinterest.

Whether it was getting that tattoo they had always wanted inspired by trending designs, trying a new hairstyle with the help of Pinterest’s inclusive beauty tools, customizing their dream merch or manifesting their next trip. Every activity helped shift guests from dreaming to doing at the Pinterest ‘Manifestival’. We partnered with the likes of One By One tattoo, jewellery designer Kitesy Martin, hairstylists Adlena and Amidat and 3rd Rail printing company to bring this to life, encouraging guests to create their own jewellery, get their hair styled in the Future You space, get a tattoo or create bespoke creative merch.

Our beautifully crafted world got press talking and made guests feel like they were stepping into Pinterest - bringing the brand to life with endless opportunities to get creative and feel inspired, and reminding them that with Pinterest - it’s Possible.

The crowds at Cannes responded by showing up again, and again, and again. One of the only spaces with a queue every day, people lined-up hours in advance of the opening to secure a spot. We drove engagement with our clients and partners through meetings, private tours, partner events, and activations.

The Pinterest Manifestival beach space was the most popular on the Croisette and both clients and consumer guests alike contributed to positive social buzz about the activation throughout the week.

"Pinterest had the most interactive activation on the Croisette" Adweek