Champions of the Underground

Amplify help YouTube Music become the Champions of the Underground…


Take the world of music offline by creating a stand out launch for YouTube’s subscription music service, and capture the imagination of London music fans.


Key ‘moments’ within the cultural calendar drive chat and create FOMO, and are quickly being shared and amplified.

Queen have a huge community of passionate fans and they are local to London. Their excitement is exacerbated ahead of the UK film release of Queen biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.


To create a moment that matters, celebrating the music of Queen. To bring an unexpected ‘wow’ moment to commuters by taking over all 33 busking sites on the London Underground and inviting a breadth of artists to cover Queen’s fantastic back catalogue of songs live, but in their own inimitable style.


Champions of the Underground

We wanted to give the musicians the spotlight. Involving them felt a bit like writing a love letter to Queen from their fanbase.

The London Underground was chosen for multiple reasons: London was Queen’s home, where they formed, and a big part of their heritage and we wanted to give something back to the people of London. What better way to do that than through the Underground network that carries 4.8 million passenger journeys per day!

Working with relevant partners we found over 100 performers who were true Queen fans.

On the day, as well as performer- and commuter-generated content, we quickly shot, edited and shared four music videos with the artists featured covering key Queen tracks. These were shared on Queen’s official YouTube channel and beyond.

Money raised by performers was then matched by YouTube Music and donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, fighting HIV and AIDS across the world.