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Amplify + TikTok take marketers behind-the-scenes at the world’s fastest-growing entertainment platform…


In 2021, TikTok For Business ANZ hosted its first upfronts-style event, with the purpose of building and strengthening relationships, as well as showcasing key trends and insights about the unique communities that have formed on TikTok.


TikTok is the greatest show on earth. The final curtain never falls. It is constantly being added to, reworked and reimagined - it is a perpetual work in progress. Brands should see themselves as co-creators of this show - working with TikTok creators and users to create more value for everyone on the platform.


In order to showcase TikTok as an entertainment platform and encourage brands to see themselves as co-creators, we needed to reveal the behind-the-scenes; draw back the curtains and showcase how brands, marketers and creators are already crafting entertaining content and attracting and building lively and loyal communities.


TikTok: Backstage

With TikTok: Backstage, we invited our audience behind-the-scenes, to reveal how TikTok content is created and introduce them to some of the amazing creators making it happen.

TikTok: Backstage came to life as a 60-minute broadcast, with a creative direction that combined multiple elements of living, breathing backstage and behind the scenes spaces - with visual signs of a production in process.

The broadcast showcased insights from brands, creators, partners and TikTok data, across 10 segments, including sessions with Screen Australia, McDonald’s, L’Oréal, Kayo and creators of hit series The Formal, as well as an opening and closing DJ set by Jesabel.

Responsible for the overall campaign, Amplify led the charge on creative concept, brand identity, content platform design, set build and styling, production and tech, content creation and editing, pre and post promotional assets, as well as guest gifting.