Under One Roof

Amplify + Sky launch new comedy channel...


Sky challenged Amplify to launch their brand new comedy channel showcasing it as the ultimate destination for our favourite, new and exclusive US comedy programmes.


Sky Comedy’s offering was unrivalled, collecting some of America’s most loved shows under one roof - shows that people are fanatic about, know inside out and can quote whole scenes from. These shows have taken a whole life of their own digitally, with people appropriating them for memes, listicles and parodies.


Give comedy fans what they want. Serve up some of the most iconic locations, quotes and characters from the channel. Create quick, enticing experiences that will put passers-by right into the heart of their favourite shows, bring them closer to moments they love and let them share their experiences on social afterwards.


Under One Roof

Amplify turned stations around the UK into the home for Sky Comedy, bringing Sky comedy Under One Roof. Amplify peppered shareable experiences throughout the station, deep diving into some of the nation's favourite shows.

In order to entice commuters out of their routines we designed bright and open structures that were quickly understandable. We leveraged light and neons in order to lift the new brand identity off the screen into the physical world, dialling up each show’s personality but also unifying the experiences through colour and form.

Chat Show Commute, a recreation of the famous set of “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” – an opportunity for commuters to sit and play host and capture some shareable content.

Curb of Enthusiasm, an opportunity to watch some of Larry David's finest moments. Passers by were asked to choose a topic by stepping onto an interactive curb and triggering an iconic clip.

Girls Talk, a postcard stand with some of the best pearls of wisdom from the show script.

I Couldn’t Help but Wonder, We recreated Carrie’s iconic New York window from Sex and the City, and gave commuters the chance to pose at her laptop and record their own answer to the iconic question “I couldn’t help but wonder” and share on socials.wonder”

Treat Yo Self, a simple spinning wheel inspired by Parks and Recreation offering the opportunity to win an array of fun prizes based on Tommy and Donna’s treats across the series.

No Nonsense Coffee, we partnered with Nero to serve up two of Larry David’s most loathed coffees - “A latte cappa thing” or “milk and coffee mixed together”, whipped up with a “do you respect wood” stirrer.