Rotten Homes Dark

Rotten Homes

Amplify help Shelter stamp out rogue landlords...


Anyone can be affected by housing issues, and Amplify were challenged to engage people with Shelter’s work, and create a platform to lobby key stakeholders. Our first stop, Liverpool.


Bringing large issues to the attention of secure families can be a challenge, but if you make them see things through their kids eyes, they can become advocates for change.


Create a space where visitors could engage first hand with the issues, as well as seek advice and sign the campaign petition.


Rotten Homes.

Amplify created Rotten Homes; a spoof estate agent in the heart of the city centre. Capitalising on the mayoral elections, this campaign was able to put pressure on the right people in the spotlight. Members of the public were invited in to view shocking real life photography of Liverpool rental properties in a dangerous state of disrepair. Guests were able to read the stories of case study families and watch the emotional campaign video as well as seek advice from professionals. Shelter Ambassadors educated the public on important national housing issues and generated signatures for the campaign petition.

Amplify also created a short film starring Sean Lock, which we created and promoted using digital and social media channels. 30k people haved watched the film, making it one of Shelter’s most successful digital campaigns. The press launch was attended by influential political figures from Liverpool including mayoral candidates, MPs and councillors. Local celebrities attended too, including original Big Brother winner and housing programme presenter Craig Phillips.