Influencer Strategy

Amplify bring a Cuban flavour to Havana Club 7's strategy...


Amplify were challenged by Havana Club 7 to define the passions of a set of influencers in the creative industries, with a focus on reportage photography.


Reportage photography captures real people, real places and events as they happen. This authentic storytelling fitted perfectly with Havana Club 7’s Cuban roots, where every street offers photographers something new to capture. 


To harness their heritage and cultural connections to create a series of ideas for activations, press, digital and media partnerships.


A global toolkit that gave Havana Club 7 an influencer marketing strategy and activation platform. We identified three tribes that connected the audience to inspirational reportage photography, and made sure we brought Cuban soul to the heart of our ideas. We delivered insight into the audience in key markets, ran global workshops for the brand teams in Paris, and a created a comprehensive toolkit outlining the influencer strategy and activations.