Hellfire Club

Amplify and Red Bull give festivals a 18th century twist...


Amplify were challenged to create experiences at festivals that would reflect Red Bull’s brand essence.


Red Bull is known for their rebellious attitude, and we knew we could we connect this with a sense of heritage at the right festival.


Create a space for unruly behavior, with a twist of decadence that isn’t usually seen in the festival circuit.


The Hellfire Club

Our concept for the three-day Hydro Connect Festival in Scotland focused on the theme of Red Bull rebellion. We developed the idea of an 80s Medieval Banquet where we could borrow from the heritage of the site without being twee or patronising.Our inspiration came from a notorious 18th century clique known as The Hellfire Club, whose banquets were magnificently opulent affairs with the emphasis on being as debauched as possible. The club motto “fay ce que voulres” translates as “do as thou will” and perfectly encapsulates the ethos of Red Bull Rebellion.

So we brought the Hellfire club to the festival surroundings. The ‘Prince’ from the castle hosted his Hellfire Club party within the castle grounds, with live performances, actors and DJs adding to an atmosphere that was fully embraced by the crowd.