Chivas Masters

Amplify help Chivas find + crown their global master…


To make Chivas the spirit of choice for leading bartenders around the world, culminating in the Chivas Masters grand final, which opened its doors to the public for the very first time.


The bartenders who enter aren’t just the best at their job, they’re also influencers in their industry. Getting them on board with the brand would help elevate Chivas’ position in bars around the world.


To develop an event platform that had the brand’s pivotal themes of ‘Community’ and ‘Success is a blend’ at its heart, with the key objectives of driving bartender advocacy and engaging trade influencers and consumers alike.


Chivas Masters

A week-long mixology competition, culminating in the crowning of the Chivas Masters Global Winner 2018.

Hosted by our top judges – JJ Goodman from London Cocktail Club, Bea Bradsell from London Cocktail Week, Laura-May Coope from Social Life and Matt Whiley from Scout – the bartenders took part in a series of team building activities, inspirational talks, workshops and challenges.

With education about the home of Chivas in Strathisla, Scotland, the group then headed to London for two days where they were challenged to create a signature serve, an aesthetically pleasing cocktail for the perfect Instagram shot and, finally, a zero-waste cocktail.

From the 21 global market winners who attended, only three made it through to the grand final. We helped them to create their own pop-up bar in just 24-hours. Guests on the night then voted on their favourite bar and serve and the Chivas Masters winner was duly crowned.