Strathisla Distillery Experience

Amplify + Chivas create a new home in Strathisla


Amplify were challenged to reimagine the Chivas Strathisla Distillery visitor experience, to place Strathisla at the very top of the ‘must-visit’ distilleries in Speyside, building a strong bond between the brand and a new generation of whisky drinkers


Established in 1786, the Strathisla Distillery is the oldest and arguably most charming working distillery in Speyside. However, the most compelling, visited and shared tours are those based on stories, not just liquid, so we needed to bring the Chivas narrative to the fore.


Develop a unique, engaging and ultimately ownable narrative and experience that brings to life the story of Chivas across all parts of the Strathisla Distillery. Shine a light on the elements that have given Chivas its rich history and that make it stand out from its competitors.


As a staple on the Speyside Whisky Trail, we really wanted to dial up Chivas’ difference. Our approach was twofold: to demystify the process, making it digestible and interesting to

new whisky drinkers, and to elevate the storytelling through sensory coding.

So much of the magic of whisky making happens in secret – whether it be in large mash tuns, copper stills, or as it ages in barrels. In order to bring this to life, we created a series of infographics that acted as visual aids for the tour guides. We then applied this visual language throughout the distillery and warehouse, turning the machinery into a living diagram and helping guests to visually chart the ingredients as they moved through the distillation process.

We then devised a sensory experience for every moment in the process that contributes to Chivas’ unique blend. This included a rare opportunity to taste the wash, a scent based experience with the new make spirit, a unique cask wall that brought to life the intricacies of barrel aging and a mini-blend experience inspired by the 1860s interior of the first Chivas Brothers shop in Aberdeen.

Finally, we crafted a narrative to help the tour guides tell the secrets of Strathisla Distillery, from first greeting to final farewell dram. We kicked this off with a beautiful short film that told the history of the brand. Taking on design cues from Chivas iconography and its amazing archive of imagery and paraphernalia, we created a collage-style animation that served as a memorable welcome to the newly revamped tour experience.