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Chain of Good

Amplify help spread innocent's Chain Of Good...


Amplify were challenged to engage young Londoners, whilst keeping the #ChainOfGood message at the heart of the campaign.


Young millennials weren’t perceiving innocent’s brand values as relevant to their purchasing choices, even though a large percentage were buying innocent over other brands.


Kick-start Londoner’s into doing good, connecting them to innocent’s ethos in their everyday lives.


Chain of Good

The #ChainOfGood campaign kick-started connections between people on their commute. We handed out magazines during the early morning rush, and 40k smoothies, encouraging each person to take two gifts and pass one on to a friend. Even commuting cyclists were brought into the fold, with innocent’s bike-servicing crew on hand to pump up people’s tyres and oil their chains. Our very own Mayor Boris Johnson even stopped by.

Online, we kept goodness front of mind with the interactive compliment generator ensuring we reached people beyond the city centre too.