Branch and Root Dark

Branch and Root

Amplify + Red Bull get back to basics at UK festivals...


Amplify were challenged to introduce Red Bull Cola, whilst embodying the high-energy creativity associated with the brand.


Red Bull drinkers needed to be re-educated on the natural, non-energy attributes of Red Bull Cola.


Create a secretive and magical spot, where festival goers could sit get back to nature, relax and explore.


Red Bull Cola: Back to the Roots

At festivals like the Big Chill and Camp Bestival, we created a fictitious inn: The Branch and Root. Hidden away from the mainstream festival noise, it provided the perfect setting for an interactive, theatrical and funny experience rooted in nature. In the evenings, a varied DJ line-up and our resident nine-piece strong ‘forest band', Riot Jazz, transformed The Branch and Root into a must-visit destination.