B2C thinking in a B2B world

Amplify is a global creative agency specialising in experience + culture.

Amplify was founded to create big ideas, stories, campaigns, platforms, experiences and activations that can be shared and amplified by everyone, through every touchpoint and across the entire marketing mix.

Having championed the concept of ‘brand experience’, Amplify is known for being at the forefront of the changing marketing and cultural landscape. Through a powerful mix of strategic thinking, creative bravery, cultural connection and executional excellence, we understand how to unearth creative and cultural opportunities on behalf of our clients.

We work with some of the most progressive and innovative brands worldwide and were recently named Campaign's Brand Experience Agency of the Decade. As an agency, we take pride in pioneering the untraditional with the rigour of the traditional.

We challenge pre-existing perceptions in traditional advertising and keep creativity at its core.

As a creative experience agency, we help you drive brand reappraisal and brand love by reconnecting your brand with your audience through culture. We do this by authentically joining the dots between people, brands and culture to shift the brand's relationship with the audience from transactional to relational.

As a creative experience agency, we help you drive brand reappraisal and brand love by reconnecting your brand with your audience through culture. We do this by authentically joining the dots between people, brands and culture to shift the brand's relationship with the audience from transactional to relational.

This guiding philosophy has led us to believe that we can apply B2C thinking in the B2B world. The B2B audience’s ability to influence change and commercial value is often significantly higher than B2C, yet misses out on the respect and glory. For Amplify, the B2B briefs we’ve worked on have seen some of our proudest moments and most progressive pieces of work. As creatives and marketers, B2B is a true test of whether we’re doing our job right. We’re always asking: how far can we shift the dial, launch something where there was nothing, lead a real behaviour change, and shift units?

We think about how we can create spatial connections, tell the best social stories, and give our audience ownership. With ever-growing technologies, audience expectations are evolving. Business and brand pressures have increased as timelines grow ever tighter.

We turn consumers into brand fans. Today, consumers are searching for brands that not only share their beliefs and values but also positively impact the world around them. They want brands with character, brands that think, talk and act like people but also directly interact with them. We always put the audience at the heart of everything we do, starting with real people, not demographics.

Having a connection with someone is deep-rooted. It’s emotional. A feeling. A relationship.

Because when you have a connection, everything just clicks. This applies just as much to brands as to people. And when they feel a connection, they will give their love, their passion and voice to those brands.

By placing narrative design and storytelling at the heart of everything we create, our client’s audiences feel that desired connection. Our audiences are captivated by the story and the narrative design, and in turn, they want to be part of the story. This turns our campaigns into content engines with stories designed to be shared.

Reaching the right audiences.

73% of our Young Blood audience want to experience a brand or product before they buy.

This is true across all sectors. The techniques previously reserved for the hard-to-reach and influential youth audiences are now just as relevant and accepted for B2B audiences, who are equally adept at filtering out messages they don’t perceive to be relevant.

We believe in putting a real face on a demographic, whether B2B or B2C. Brand experience are expensive. To justify them there has to be clear goals, not only in terms of deliverables but how they drive wider communications and influence behaviour change.

To do that, you need to find, communicate, and work with the right audience and make sure you’re measurements take in everything from traffic (e.g.: unique visitors, return rate, average visit length), to engagement (e.g. experience interactions, email shares, unique visitors), and conversion (e.g.: number of items sold, number of transactions). Beyond this, we also want to think about awareness, consideration and intent, to know what drove the audience to engage and who they were (e.g. post event surveys, gender repartition of attendees, average age, primary reason for visiting). Placing our audience at the centre means understanding their expectations.

  • Reimagine the landscape…

    Don’t be driven by the current rules of engagement! Use different cultural arenas to go beyond the usual experience. Learn from other sector’s curated experiences that are built around personalised passion points.

  • Experiences are | content engines…

    So stop thinking about experiences as just physical manifestations. They are as digital as they are physical and this turns them into centres of content.

  • Embrace the | advent of technology…

    As the lines blur, work is no longer defined by location, form or function. With the social lens turned on 24/7, it’s time to trust the audience’s ownership of the event.

  • Create spaces designed | to be inhabited…

    So they can become places where people can play and spaces where we can engineer meaningful engagement and measure it in real-time.

  • The landscape of events is changing...

    and our audience’s expectations mean we must keep innovating. The event economy isn’t just a great way to engage your B2B audience - as tech, social, and experiences become an ever greater (and more expected) part of our lives, they’re paramount. Whoever said playing was just for consumers?

  • Wonder is a specialist B2B and B2E events agency.

    We strive to push the boundaries of what is possible across all business experiences and touchpoints though insight led, audience first thinking and delivery. Headquartered in London and operating all over the world, Wonder work with some of the most progressive brands including Google, Santander, Adobe and Canva.

    We help brands connect with the people that matter most to them across every business touchpoint. From conferences and live events to staff engagement strategy, logo-to-live brand playbooks, sponsorship activation, exhibitions and more, we create and translate big campaign ideas into real-world experiences.

    As B2B event specialists, Wonder helps bring your customers closer to your brand, product and mission by creatively communicating your business message and driving tangible results. We challenge outdated perceptions in B2B marketing, leading with bold creativity routed in audience-first thinking. We do this by first wondering what’s possible before making it a reality.

    Wonder are a multi-award winning agency, having won numerious agency of the year awards including most recently winning Best B2B Event in The Drum Awards for B2B for Google Marketing Live.


For a more in-depth breakdown of these key ideas contact tosh@weareamplify.com.