Music In Residence

Amplify help YouTube Music become an authentic voice in culture…


Create a UK launch experience that will excite consumers, artists and the music industry, to become invested in the new world of YouTube Music.

Insight + Strategy

YouTube Music is more than just a streaming service; it’s a meaningful part of culture. It takes you deeper into a world of discovery, leveraging context and behaviour with the richest music catalogue...

To bring the product story to life. Not just to reference culture but to become part of it, connecting artist and audience in a whole new way.


YouTube Music In Residence

For four days we took over 180 Strand – a recognised London cultural and arts space. Within it, we designed a collection of physical music spaces that were rooted in artists, genres and music culture, curating a series of hyper-cultural musical moments that were endlessly discoverable, instantly shareable and ultimately opened up the whole world of YouTube music. Guests were invited to step inside and navigate a journey of exploration.

Sole 2 Sole: We created a concept sneaker store, highlighting 11 pairs of trainers, and the artists and tracks that made them famous

All-star Ambition: We highlighted YouTube as a platform for creators, through the lens of the grime scene and one of its biggest success stories, Jamal Edwards

Lost in Music: We partnered with Pitchblack Playback to create a premium YouTube music audio experience where guests sat in the dark listening to seminal tracks to experience them like never before

The Dublin Castle: Partnering with the famous London ‘boozer’, we built an homage to the venue, with a series of intimate gigs in the backroom each day

Instant Classics: As an ode to the lost club culture within the UK, we built our own club. Inside we screened a documentary we created on UK club culture, with contributions from Erol Alkan, Paul Oakenfold, BBZ and many more legends

Crate Digging: a space for our guests to get hands-on with the YouTube Music app, in our own record store

As well as the physical spaces, we also built a live performance space – Studio 180. During the day, we held talks from a wide range of talent, from Paul Oakenfold to Annie Mac and Jodie Harsh. We covered a diverse range of topics: Women in the Music Industry, Music Discovery and Queering the Dancefloor, an exploration Gay club culture with some of London’s biggest drag artists. In the evenings, we used the area as a performance space, partnering with SBTV to throw a launch party, headlined by Pusha T.