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Amplify + Google make the everyday more extraordinary to celebrate Google Pixel 3...


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Amplify were challenged to launch the flagship Google Pixel 3 with a brand experience on a whole new level to ramp up desirability.

Insight + Strategy

We take the every day for granted. We live it, but we don’t always see it. Extraordinary things are happening all around us. In the tube, on our way to work. It’s the guy making kebabs down the street. It’s the ivy growth on a concrete wall. It’s the beautiful yellow park bench. It is everything that makes London what it is today. Empowering curiosity has always been at the heart of Google, from Search to Maps to Translate to Assistant. Pixel 3 helps you satisfy your curiosity by enabling you to discover the extraordinary all around you.

Our campaign would bring to life the Google Pixel 3 campaign, celebrating the extraordinary – from the local heroes to the undiscovered beauty we walk past every day – with an experience hub that invites everyone to see London through a new lens, celebrating a world where fashion, food, music and art collide in a familiar, yet unexpected way.


Google Pixel 3’s Curiosity Rooms

Google Pixel’s Curiosity Rooms was a playground for inquisitive minds. Delivered in just eight weeks, this five-week residency took place in the heart of London’s Piccadilly Circus, at 55 Regent Street (the former Tower Records). With three floors of fashion, food and tech-themed experiences, it was designed to reconnect people to the magic of everyday life and showcase Google Pixel 3’s features in fun, interactive and highly shareable worlds. Transforming a brand experience into a content engine as The Curiosity Room’s impact travelling way beyond the physical four walls of the space...

Across the duration of the project, we worked with the wider team to establish partnerships with the likes of Conde Nast, Hypebeast, Time Out and The Guardian, to not only attract the right audience to the venue, but maintain engagement and coverage throughout the experience.

The experience was only ever going to be as good as those who created moments within it, so we also teamed up with podcasters like Fearne Cotton, Professor Green and Jessie Ware to ensure people could revisit and discover some of the Curiosity Room’s biggest highlights at any time.

Go behind the scenes with coverage in Contagious and Lecture in Progress.


Amplify transformed a brand experience into a content engine as The Curiosity Room’s impact travelled way beyond the physical four walls of the space...

Curiosity Rooms successfully launched Pixel 3, attracting 71,000+ visitors and achieving a reach of 1.3 billion through exclusive content creation, press and media partnerships. It also became the highest selling door for Pixel 3 in the UK during the campaign period.

The partnerships ensure the brand experience would go beyond the physical event - reaching those who couldn’t engage IRL.