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Amplify's point of view on Youth Marketing...

Amplify create big ideas, brand platforms, campaigns and experiences designed to be amplified across every touchpoint of the entire marketing mix. We work for some of the most progressive and innovative brands all over the world helping them to engage and build relationships with youth audiences. These include adidas, Airbnb, Brewdog, Converse, Dr Martens, Footlocker, Google, Netflix, PlayStation, Red Bull, Spotify and YouTube.

We believe in real people, not demographics…

Whilst Amplify work with a breadth of audiences, it is always the younger audiences we look to for inspiration, innovation, creativity, collaboration and to see what’s next. Our social mission is ‘to connect with, enable and champion young creative talent’ from all walks of life.

We are culturally connected…

We're excited about the culturally rich world we live in. We're driven by a desire to always know more - about our clients’ business and brand challenges and about our audience's passions, behaviours, wants and needs. We find cultural spaces where brands and youth audiences can come together, enhancing rather than interrupting existing ecosystems. Our love for culture goes beyond our work. We’re a diverse team, with different career backgrounds and a mixture of passions, and we encourage everyone to continually explore and experiment - from product designers to music producers, to activists to public speakers.

We believe in big ideas that shift the dial…

We pioneer the untraditional with the rigour of the traditional, and take our clients on interesting and exciting journeys – knowing youth audiences need and desire to be impressed we refuse to deliver the already done. We cut through in a busy and cluttered world, adding value to both brands and their audiences.

We’re invested in youth, globally…

Amplify’s Young Blood platform was created in 2016 to help us understand young people more deeply. We use our findings to ensure all of our youth work is relevant and effective, while also keeping things cyclical and giving back to youth communities in different ways, from recruitment programmes to mentoring. So far, we’ve rolled out Young Blood in the UK and Australia and are in the early stages of the US. When activating beyond these markets we use our networks, partners and diverse strategy team to deep dive into the people and cultures we’re interested in, that enable us to make our work hyper-local as well as globally consistent.

Amplify’s Young Blood panel enables our clients to gain real time insights from young people. From focus groups and surveys, to interviews and testing, we’ll have access to the motivations, behaviours, values and desires felt by youth today.

We’re committed to fully representing the exciting and diverse world around us…

Beyond Young Blood, and as part of our social mission, we’re committed to ensuring internally and externally we both create opportunities for and champion young creative talent from all walks of life. Amplify’s Project New Wave initiative offers paid 12-month contracts to give young talent from less traditional backgrounds a chance to break into the industry. For the last two years we have a 100% record for black, Asian and mixed ethnicity recruitment at an entry level.

Amplify is a patron of Creative Lives in Progress (formerly Lecture in Progress) and has joined forces with Brixton Finishing School and Ad-Cademy offering commercial support as well as helping co-developing part of its curriculum.

We also have a dedicated global student specialist agency. Introducing Seed…

Over 50% of 18-22 year olds are in higher education and our sibling agency Seed provides unparalleled access, on and off campus, physically and virtually. They work globally for clients and their network of 10,000+ influential student ambassadors help shape and execute campaigns for brands including Amazon, ASOS, The Cabinet Office, Converse Levi’s, Nike, Spotify, TikTok, Tinder, Victoria’s Secrets and YouTube. Seed also have their proprietary student research platform, ‘What Matters to Us?’ available to all their clients.

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