Moments with Amplify Podcast

As featured on MoWork's podcast in January 2020, available on Spotify + Acast.

Here at Mo we love to hear views on work from all kinds of different people, companies and industries. That's why we were incredibly excited to meet our most recent podcast guest, Jonathan Emmins, Founder of brand experience agency Amplify.

Amplify has some pretty impressive, forward-thinking consumer brands in their portfolio including Google, Spotify, Red Bull, Netflix and Airbnb.

Their mission is all around people, brand and culture, and they have a focus on youth brands and engaging a young audience. They also apply this internally.

As well as building experiences for consumers, they also believe in the importance of engaging their workforce in every moment, bringing them closer to the organisation.

Jonathan recognises that Amplify’s biggest advocate is their people which is relatable for every organisation.

You need to make sure that your workforce is excited and invested to best represent your brand.

He gives his tips on how to bring to life your company values and mission and looks at the key factors that the younger generation of talent are motivated by. Money is becoming less and less important with a shift more towards the experience, culture and relationships.

When looking at the concept of loyalty, Luke and Jonathan talk about how it is a two way relationship between employee and employer. There is a real strength in supporting through both professional and more personal moments to build up that meaningful working relationship.

We wrap up the discussion looking at how HR teams can work alongside marketing to create exceptional experiences for their people and ultimately best represent the brand.

This chat was a really interesting perspective of work giving us some key takeaways on how to bring out the best work of your employees by creating memorable and meaningful experiences.