Who We Be

Amplify + Spotify turn a playlist into a movement…


Amplify were challenged to turn Spotify’s virtual playlist: Who We Be, into a brand platform, community and physical experience.


Grime, Rap and Hip-Hop- once exclusively underground, have opened up to a wider, more accessible audience and are in high demand – authenticity is key to this young audience when turning their playlist into a live event.


To use design, architecture and visual concepting to turn a virtual playlist into a physical brand experience inspired by the culture that surrounds Who We Be.


Who We Be

Amplify created Who We Be, showcasing performances from Giggs, Dizzee Rascal, J Hus, Cardi B and more at the iconic Alexandra Palace. 

Creating a bold and striking visual identity, Amplify transformed Who We Be into the ultimate brand experience, delivering out of home creative, digital, online and live counterparts, targeted at a youth led audience.

Design and visual concepting, elevated creativity in the UK grime and hip-hop community. With an eclectic series of out of home billboards in London’s hotspot destinations- Shoreditch and Elephant and Castle, for artists including Stefflon Don, Spotify were able to reinforce its place in the grime and hip-hop scene. 

Using stage architecture and show creative, the experience was amplified to the next level. Tantalising aesthetics matched the attitude, confidence and energy expressed in the show's music. Receiving a four-star review from The Guardian this experience was described as delivering ‘eye popping visuals’. Together with the unique stage canvas Who We Be created a showcase that undeniably belonged to Spotify. 

The design, bold and block heavy in its approach applied a fragmented black and white effect alongside the playlist’s home colour; orange, creating consistency in the move from a virtual playlist to a physical one. 

With a bespoke website and a suite of creative assets including pre-sale, on sale and sold out artwork that were used to drive awareness through online and digital channels, Who We Be was designed to excite guests and media alike.  With a capacity of 10k, the show sold out two weeks in advance. 

In 2018, we won a coveted Q Award and continue to gain recognition. 

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