Club Inbound

Amplify + Hubspot create an elevated interactive experience...


The mission was to get an international audience together from across Europe and to reimagine what W’s (wins) Nike fans can come to expect – going beyond the sneaker drop, planting Nike firmly at the heart of emerging culture, creativity and community.


Hubspot’s mission is to help their customers Grow Better. We knew that attendees would be looking for more opportunities to engage with sponsors in order to search for new ways to build their businesses. Shareable content that is simple to use for a wide cross section of consumer is key to ensure the narrative travels beyond the four days of Inbound.

Delving into the brand DNA...

...Amplify used Hubspot’s Flywheel as the guiding set of experience principles to inform the space and the experiences. This flywheel denotes how a customer of the product feeds growth and is based on three simple principles, Attract; Engage and Delight. From here Amplify were able to create a space that more authentically resonate with Hubspot’s customers on a number of levels.

Club Inbound 2019.

Using the core experience principles, Amplify creative a space that’s core attributes were based on town planning. To ensure that attendees were able to have clear access to the events key sponsors, we created avenues and boulevards that allowed attendees to not only easily navigate their way around the space, but also gave sponsors key visibility throughout the space.

Layered onto this town hall planning approach, Amplify folded experiences into each area to ensure that dwell time in each zone was maximized. These experiences performed allowed our attendees to create and amplify their own content around Club Inbound, but also allowed sponsors to take advantage of attendees dwelling in the space.

From a pass the positivity wall that allowed our attendees to pass on pearls of positivity to other attendees, to our interactive light tunnel that gave our attendees the opportunity to walk through a tunnel of string lights for them to shift and change as they wanted, Club Inbound was set up for our audience to surprise and delight them them at every turn.

These experiences elevated the brand principles into our attendees day to day engagement with the space, and ensured that Club Inbound was instagramable throughout the four days.