Young & Laced

Amplify + Converse help young creatives realise their ambition...


In the ever expanding lifestyle and streetwear market, Amplify were challenged to keep Converse, a 100 year old brand, relevant to the youth audience.


16-25 year old males are switched on, informed and looking for a credible reason to make their next purchase. In order to remain the brand of choice for this age group, Converse needed to make it clear what they stood for and effectively communicate this to their audience.

Young & Laced

Amplify took Converse's global mission to 'unleash the creative spirit’ and created a grassroots creative collective called Young and Laced. The programme gave bursaries to some of the most exciting, young, local talent to ensure their creative dreams and visions became a reality. To date, we have facilitated everything from documentaries on New York’s counter-culture to EP and vinyl releases, setting up publishing houses and making mockumenteries commissioned by world famous DJs and bands.

We’ve travelled across the globe from south London to northern Thailand, capturing material from New York to Nepal and bringing it home to a London audience. Alongside financial investment, they were given industry mentorship to help with everything from crafting creative concepts, to media and PR to ensure their work was seen by the largest audience possible.

As a result, members have been able to turn their hobbies into careers – traveling the world shooting high profile fashion campaigns, filming A-List pop stars or working with the world’s most influential creatives. Now Converse have a collective of credible and authentic brand fans who are unleashing creativity on a global level and spreading the Converse message loud and clear.