YouTube x Sam Smith: To Die For

Amplify + You Tube Music help Sam Smith blur the lines between content + reality...


To mark the release of Sam Smith's new single ‘To Die For’, YouTube Music challenged Amplify with creating a unique fan experience that also produced content, from UCG to pure-play, that Sam, YouTube and fans could share across their channels.

Insight + Strategy

Custom artworks from Australian artists filled the Melbourne laneways tour, whilst the Rooms of Infinite Possibility, the Pixel Planetarium and the Soundwave Studio showcased the Pixel 4’s technical capabilities and encouraged interaction and the sharing of ‘impossible’ content.

Create a content engine by giving Sam’s most loyal fans what they dream of, enabling them to spread the love. We blurred the lines between film, live and social content (and back again). And it all happened in London’s Soho - the heart of love in all its forms - the perfect location for Sam and YouTube to come together and create an engaging fan experience.


Sam’s ‘To Die For’ Wig Shop

We transported the wig-shop featured in Sam's much anticipated ‘To Die For’ music video from middle America to London’s Soho – a location synonymous with personal discovery, gender and identity.

Throughout the week audiences were teased with hints and visual cues, with the official opening of the store taking place on the international day of love - Valentine’s Day.

Fans and influencers were invited to enter the wig-store, surprised with a range of interactive experiences including a lip syncing booth, a chance to be photographed ‘in the video’, meet with Sam and take part in a Q&A.

Amplify’s content engine approach ensured the experience was shared and amplified through an array of content outputs, pre, during and post - from user generated through to beautifully shot imagery and film. This resulted in millions of interactions and views - turning up the volume for the event, campaign, single and of course YouTube Music's involvement