The Wheel of Time

Amplify + Amazon Prime Video create the world’s first live-action anamorphic billboard to promote its new fantasy series with Rosamund Pike...


Clio Entertainment

Television/Series: Out of Home


To mark the premiere of the epic new fantasy series The Wheel of Time, Prime Video tasked Amplify with delivering a never-before-seen launch moment that would inspire a global audience.

Insight + Strategy

The rich, complex worlds of fantasy can be daunting to get your head around. But The Wheel of Time is an accessible feminist fantasy, as inspiring to die-hard fans of the novels as it is to viewers new to the genre. To establish the series in the zeitgeist and resonate with viewers around the world, the campaign sought to engage audiences in the show’s central theme of the conflict between ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’, putting them at the heart of an epic struggle that merged the world of The Wheel of Time with our own.

The groundbreaking DOOH illusion was designed to grab audience attention both in situ and online, blurring the lines between content, DOOH and experiential like never before.

Breaking formats

Working in collaboration with Amazon Studios and its CGI models from the show, we designed an intricate anamorphic teaser that combined show-quality VFX and bespoke
3D animation with a live-action sequence shot with star Rosamund Pike.


Launched simultaneously at high profile sites in six of Amazon’s key markets: London,
New York, Tokyo, Stockholm, Oslo and Milan - we created the world’s first live-action anamorphic billboard to immerse viewers in an epic battle between light and dark.

The battle between the ‘Light’ – Rosamund Pike’s character Moiriane – and the ‘Dark’ – an evil Fade, commander of the dark army – broke the 4th wall and interacted with our IRL environments.

Innovating to break the format of DOOH and give the idea the scale and impact Prime Video needed to make this their biggest premiere ever, Amplify worked in collaboration with Amazon Studios, accessing both the VFX artists and the CGI models used on the show. An intricate live-action shoot with star Rosamund Pike was combined with show quality VFX and bespoke 3D animation tailor made for each site.

The campaign captured the imagination of viewers around the world, putting the show firmly in the global news cycle in titles including The Daily Mail and The Washington Post. With over a million organic social shares, the campaign catapulted The Wheel of Time towards becoming the most watched series premiere of the year on Prime Video.