Culture Platform

Amplify + Dr. Martens launch culture platform to support emerging talent...


Show at scale that Dr. Martens supports independent creators and sub-cultures.


The world is rigged against young people, but it’s this environment that has made today’s young people the most creative and rebellious spirits. Dr. Martens are a brand loved by freethinkers across the world, and they want to enable more creativity for those young people everywhere. Dr. Martens support emerging creators by fuelling their rebellious spirit.


We worked with Dr. Martens to explore their role in culture, and create a long-term strategy to make an impact on the lives of the UK’s youths and the subcultures they’re engaged in. Dr. Martens now have an open brief for emerging creators and their communities and collectives, for those freethinking rebellious spirits to activate however they want to. There are five key barriers we want to work to impact and counterbalance with the Culture Platform: Personal appearance and stereotypes, diversity, money, access to culture and social change.

Dr. Martens Culture Platform

Amplify is working with Dr. Martens on an ongoing culture platform, collaborating with emerging artists, creators and collectives on a series of experiences and activations. To date, we’ve worked with an array of innovative, emerging creators and their networks, including: Shygirl, Arlo Parks, 
Clyde Built Radio, Bobby Vylan, Gemma Dunleavy and Girls in Film. The activations have been diverse and so far we’ve developed: many in-store gigs, an exhibition, an exclusive EP, a zine, the launch of a local radio network, a film fund, as well as ‘recorded from home’ artist content during the pandemic.

Each of these collaborations is documented through a two minute narrative film, showcasing the artist, their world and the creative community around them. We work closely with each artist to ensure the content feels true to their culture and community, spending time in locations and with people that mean something to them and their creativity.

And at the heart of every piece was the red thread of DMs. Through mixed media, camera capture and post work, we created a series of films that authentically represented each artist through a DMs lens.

The story so far...

Shygirl > The Face

  • Dr. Martens supported Shy to create her music video for 'bad boy'
  • Dr. Martens Hosted a launch event in the Boot Room for the video with live performances from Shygirl & her creative community including Miss Jason (October 30th 2019)

Arlo Parks > The Face

  • Dr. Martens supported her poetry & literature exhibition
  • Dr. Martens hosted a launch event in The Boot Room for the exhibition with live music & spoken word performance from Arlo including a poem she wrote for DM on Toughness (Dec 3-10th 2019)
  • Zine creation with Arlo's work given to guests / press
  • Writing workshop hosted in the Boot Room by Between Borders with influential panel guests

Clyde Built Radio > The Face

  • Dr. Martens supported the launch of Glasgow's first independent radio station
  • Live broadcast with special guests from the Glasgow scene + launch party in Barrowlands 2 with local artists performing (Feb 1st 2020)
  • Curated mixtape cassette of Glasgow artists given to guests / press
  • Poster design by Raissa Pardini (alongside the mixtape artwork) available in DM stores in support of local Glasgow charity; Unity