#LiveThere Haus

Amplify + Airbnb help Berliners get the most out of their city...


Amplify were challenged to help Airbnb bring to life its global #LiveThere campaign in Berlin in a way that would strengthen its relationship with the local community.

Insight + Strategy

Berliners are sceptical of traditional marketing. To truly connect with them, the message needs to come from those they most trust.

Our approach was to give Berlin’s most influential Airbnb users a platform to deliver the #LiveThere message in their own authentic way.


#LiveThere Haus

We created the Berlin #LiveThere Haus, a physical space that celebrated the real spirit of the city. By Berliners and for Berliners, it was created in collaboration with ten local influencers who all used Airbnb. They gave live performances and hosted events – everything from yoga and literature to kids’ workshops and sausage making.

The centrepiece of the Haus was an interactive exhibition by local art duo 44flavours, which mirrored the Airbnb traveller journey by leading visitors through a sculptural, claustrophobic cardboard cityscape of traditional Berlin landmarks before welcoming them to a homely and contemporary space where the interactive furniture both told and captured sharable stories.