The 5G Google Pixels Launch

Amplify + Google Pixel bring help at hyperspeed to Australia...


Create a launch moment to introduce the new range of 5G Pixel phones (The Google Pixel 5 and The Google Pixel 4a with 5G), for influencer and media guests, that communicates the helpfulness of Google.

Insight + Strategy

Despite the challenges and limitations of delivering IRL events during pandemic-related restrictions, our audience was suffering from screen fatigue and were ready for a physical experience.

A 1:1 guided journey that factored the most up-to-date safety guidelines into the creative to provide the best possible IRL experience for guests.


The 5G Google Pixels Launch.

The 5G Google Pixels deliver help at hyperspeed, whenever and wherever you need. We brought this idea to life in a series of playful Aussie scenarios inspired by the key product pillars. A bush campsite communicated safety and security features. The hot new productivity offering was soaked up at the beach. Entertainment at high speed was enjoyed on a Melbourne tram and the camera features were aced on the tennis court.

Each scenario featured immersive lighting, audio and opportunities to interact, including content delivered via scannable QR codes. Guests were invited to explore at their leisure and learn more about the features within each product pillar. The tennis court even featured a ‘night switch’ which transformed the scene from day to night, providing an unexpected opportunity to try out Night Sight on the new phones.

Guests were welcome back to IRL events in style with a photo moment hat included a personalised title for every single guest. (That’s 70+ unique lines of copy!)

Those that could not make the IRL event received and at-home package that included gifts inspired by the product pillars and an at-home, projected version of the personalised photo moment.