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Young Blood: The Trailer

Misrepresented, underestimated, and devalued? Anxious, educated, and more connected than ever? How do we define the youth of today?

Young Blood

The youth of Britain has been painted in every light possible, from being free and connected and enlightened, to a youth robotised by handsets. A generation that never looks up - dumbed down by a world reduced to emoticons.

In our series of films, released April 2016, we speak to the youth of Britain, to find out how they feel about everything from social media, their health, gender issues, the forming of identity, to their relationships with brands. We get inside their worlds and their bedrooms to find out what keeps them awake at night, what their happiness relies on, how they measure their success, and how they define their generation. From misconceptions to home truths, this research shines a light on how the youth of today feel about themselves, the world and the future.

Inspired by Youth Culture

As a marketing agency who work closely with people, brands and culture, Amplify are often asked how to approach young people. For the past few months, we have been busy researching that elusive 13-25 age range for our documentary Young Blood: Exploring British Youth Culture.

Throughout the course of our research, we’ve spoken to over 2,506 young people from around the UK, going straight to the source to put to rest the idea of what defines this generation. We also spoke to influencers who are representative of their generation. Over a 7-part series, we listen to how young people define themselves, against the received wisdom of what we marketing agencies think we know. Check out our teaser below, and watch this space for the full release.

If you would like to hear more about our research, please get in touch with Amplify’s Head of Planning, Krupali Cescau on