Amplify helps Santa remain undetected this Christmas with new anti-surveillance suit

Amplify the global creative agency that specialises in experience and culture, is stepping in to help Santa this Christmas. For years the world’s most recognisable North Pole resident has been able to avoid detection during his yearly global outing.

Published by: Roast Brief
Date: 18/12/2023

But in this accelerated world of intelligence and surveillance, Amplify’s innovation team became concerned as we are approaching a time when he will be unable to keep up his work undetected.

Inspired by anti-surveillance fashion, Amplify’s in-house innovation team has developed a prototype to solve one of Santa’s biggest issues, protecting the magic of the festive season.

Using a series of adversarial patch designs, the suit is designed to trick AI detection software into believing the wearer is part of a city’s wildlife, allowing movement to go undetected.

Version 1 has been designed with the global network of Amplify offices in mind. Come December 25th, Santa will be able to evade facial recognition software, confusing the algorithms so they detect him as a Fox in London, a Seagull in Australia, a Rat in New York and a Raccoon in LA.

“Working with such an iconic figure present in so many cultures is an opportunity we couldn’t let go” – Amplify Design Team

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