Amplify appear three times on Campaigns Top 10 Live Experience List 2023

After a year of incredibly experiential campaigns, Amplify have featured heavily (three times to be exact) on Campaigns Top 10 Live Experiences List for 2023.

Published by: Campaign
Date: 21/12/2023

Campaign celebrates the brands that have made a tangible mark in the real world this year, with many choosing to celebrate the power of creativity and inspiration through their in-person experiences.

Pinterest + Amplify

"Possibility place"

Pinterest brought its website into the real world with this pop-up experience, inviting guests to explore all things inspiration. The brand worked hard to put on a wealth of activities to attract people with a range of interests. The event appeared in Covent Garden and involved a corner shop, a beauty bar, a DIY store and a tattoo parlour. Visitors were able to participate in the latest beauty trends, learn new recipes in the kitchen and brush up on their home DIY skills. The experience built on the brand’s event on a Croisette beach at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Playstation 5 + Amplify + Adam & Eve/DDB

"Live from PS5"

As part of a wider campaign to promote the PlayStation 5, Sony Interactive Entertainment brought the gaming world into the real world with some guerrilla marketing. The campaign took inspiration from the different games people could play using the platform, and those walking along London’s Southbank could find Kratos' weapon of choice in God of War, a giant Leviathan Axe, smashed into the pavement. The Axe was warded off with PlayStation 5 police tape while a news van was parked up next to the unusual and dramatic scene.

Lego + Amplify

"The superpower academy"

Lego created a fun experience that invited families to test their problem-solving skills, learn about the power of play and flex their creativity. The experience took place in London’s Shoreditch and challenged families to participate in a series of missions, with each room hosted by a different "professor of play". The missions were designed to demonstrate the importance of communication among participants. It expanded the “Play is your superpower” platform and aimed to spotlight the benefits of play.

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