Young Blood: The New Australia provides insight on cinema

Published on 2nd August 2019.

According to a brand experience agency which has recently conducted research by speaking with over 2000 young Australians, the answer is physical experience and social value.

Cinema used to be one of the most important social currencies for young people, but with the advent of streaming and access to media around the world via the internet, that segment of the audience has bottomed out. So, what can Australia’s ageing cinema operators do about getting that audience segment back?

According to brand experience agency Amplify, which has worked for brands such as YouTube, Beam Suntory, Campari, Verizon Media, Nike and Spotify, “the emphasis young Australians are placing on physical experience indicates there’s opportunity for Exhibitors to increase patronage from this important audience segment.

The challenge is ensuring sufficient social value is derived to justify the cost of a ticket. So why is experience so important and how can exhibitors tap into this?

Young people want physical experiences because they want to feel connected. If cinemas can provide a solution that speaks to this, be it through enhanced or ancillary product offers, the opportunity seems fairly clear.”

Amplify’s research is under the header of Young Blood: The New Australia.

“The Young Blood platform is our chance to challenge the narrative – to look past the narrow behavioural research most brands ask of us and ask questions that really delve into the realities of growing up in Australia today. Essentially, we’re moving past the tabloid headlines and trying to understand the multi-faceted human behind it,” said Amplify’s Brand Director, Krupali Cescau.

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