Why the humble QR code is enjoying a marketing revival

How a 26-year-old piece of tech has found itself back on-trend in a post-Covid world...

Published on 31st July 2020.

Sophy Vanner Critoph, Head of Strategy at Amplify, shares her thoughts on the resurgence of the QR code.

“Triggering contactless experience – from the very practical to the highly entertaining – can only be good thing during the pandemic. The resurgence of QR, alongside other types of contactless codes, helps us offer audiences a wide variety of experiences and information that they can capture and share in-the-moment or on-the-move, depending on the experience’s creative route.

“QR codes give us the ability to track people through a space and create content narratives around them. But there are lots of innovative contactless options out there for creating compelling and memorable experiences: light, NFC, RFID, sound and voice also let users move through a space while seamlessly triggering engaging content in a safe way. Plus, with the imminent advent of 5G, we’re going to see more and more expressive and immersive content opportunities that people can discover through these types of contactless interactions”

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