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Young Men on Masculinity | The Report

Our white paper is the in-depth analysis and amalgamation of the qualitative and quantitative elements of the research. We have looked at the prevailing attitudes and beliefs of young men on masculinity, in the context of the pandemic years and in a post-Brexit Britain, and overlaid this with direct quotes.

Subjects Covered

  1. Masculinity
  2. Mental Health
  3. Gender and Equality
  4. Racism
  5. Brands, Advertising and Marketing
  6. Lessons for Brands

A mixed methodology approach was taken, with quantitative research by Censuswide with a robust, random sample of 2000+ 16-24 year old young men across the UK, broken down by age, region, ethnicity and socioeconomic demographic.

This was followed by qualitative research with a mainstream sample of ten 16-24 year olds across the UK and to bring our findings to life we deep dived into the lives of three individuals and filmed their answers for further insights.

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