Young Blood 2 | The Film

About the Film

We explore what it means to struggle with the ‘formula for life and success’ that has been passed down to this generation from those before. Following three protagonists, we re-evaluate accepted institutions such as higher education, career, marriage, masculinity, gender etc. through their lives and experiences.

We also deep dive into key topics with five shorts designed to give a snapshot of food and drink, booze, retail and spending, technology and music.

Find out more about the three protagonists here, and the full research the film is based on here.

About the Writer + Director

Bexy Cameron is Amplify’s Head of Content. From documentaries to branded content and short films to commercials her work offers an eye on identity, global issues, insights on youth culture, and an authentic voice which has helped brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, YouTube, Google, and Channel 4 to connect to with this sought after audience.

Her documentary work includes writing and conceptualising a Channel 4 series, as well as films investigating religious cults, fan culture, gender, female empowerment, youth culture and the music industry. She has a master’s in cultural studies, was creative director of MySpace and regularly does talks on the future of content and youth culture.

“Youth culture is something that I have always been obsessed with, through both my academic work and film. Youth Culture is fetishizied, commercialised, misunderstood, coveted and feared by traditional institutions and the media alike. As an entity it's as intoxicating and interesting as it is complex, and its an area that is CONSTANTLY changing, and never more rapidly than now, which is why films and studies into it are so important - especially if they give the youth a voice.

I wanted to create something that felt like a window into the world of young people - technology, gender and masculinity for me are some of the most interesting factors on young peoples identity - that also have ramifications globally. I wanted the film to be intimate, full of thoughts, hopes, fears and also dreams.

The idea was to try and tell a story of youth through three protagonists that bring to light big topics through their remarkable yet remarkably ordinary lives”.

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