Shaped By Water

Amplify + Google offer an immersive, sensorial experience exploring our connection to water...


Building on the success of their 2019 exhibition, Google wanted to bring their latest thinking to life at Milan Design Week 2023 in a way that would inspire global visitors and press alike, inviting them to experience the inspiration behind the design of Google’s latest hardware innovations.

Insight + Strategy

A symbol of the fluidity, accessibility and personalisation at the heart of Google’s design ethos, water had become both a metaphor and a direct inspiration for Google VP of Hardware Design Ivy Ross and her team.

Bringing this story to life at Milan Design Week in a way that would truly stand out and inspire required us to fuse the disciplines of art and design in an elevated, immersive exhibition format that our audience could step into and explore.


Shaped By Water

A one of a kind exhibition at Milan Design Week that celebrated the inspiration and influence of water on the latest ecosystem of Google products. At the heart of the exhibit was a series of artworks in collaboration with artist Lachlan Turczan to celebrate the many forms of water.

Shaped by Water offered a uniquely reflective experience that guests proclaimed revitalising and found to be a true respite from the usual hustle and bustle of Milan Design Week.

Guests were invited into the space and guided through three distinctive spaces. First were a series of resonating bowls where the audience could affect the frequency being channelled through 11 bowls of water, they were able to see the impact of their presence on the surface patternation. Second was a reflective space where guests were invited to lie under a projection canopy and experience water, sound and light in synchronicity for a 10 minute show. The third and final space drew visitors into the product display area, a gallery style room displaying a range of Google products adjacent to multiple water tension experiments - this area was designed to showcase, side by side, the direct impact of the Shape of Water on the final Google hardware design.

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