RECONVENE: What’s Now and Next

Amplify + Eventbrite help event creators stay ahead of the curve by stepping into a new era of live experience with the RECONVENE Summit…


From increased competition to tighter budgets, the post-pandemic boom in live events brought big challenges to Eventbrite’s community of independent organizers.

The global ticketing platform came to Amplify to revamp its annual RECONVENE Summit for a new era of live experiences, equipping and inspiring creators to be successful on the platform.

Insight + Strategy

Our strategy centered on the core insight that today, it’s not enough to just plan events – creators need to build worlds.

Designed with creators, for creators, our Summit helped creators tap into tectonic shifts in culture and technology to uplevel their experience design and futureproof their businesses.


RECONVENE: What’s Now and Next

We brought some of the industry’s sharpest thinkers together in LA to explore what’s now and next in culture and the events industry.

Combining hands-on learning and immersive performances, our program broke the format of a typical brand summit and bridged the worlds of B2B and B2C.

A/V artist and composer Ben Heim demonstrated how AI and generative technology can be used to trigger goosebumps in event-goers hungry for transformative experiences, and designer and creative visionary Melody Ehsani talked about building brand worlds that are embedded in culture and show up in fresh, unexpected ways. Our Summit also featured stories from creators themselves on how they hacked trends in their communities to up their influence.