Creators Festival

Amplify + Pinterest create a unique + customised experience packed 'with' and 'for' inspiring creators from around the world...


Pinterest tasked Amplify with creating a premium, content-rich digital experience for the Pinterest Creator audience to drive creativity to the platform.

Insight + Strategy

Pinterest has a uniquely engaged audience. They go to the platform actively seeking inspiration, and when they find it, they take action. This is a community that’s less “double tap” and more “I wanna do that”, making it fertile ground for creatives to put out their content (and monetize it).

To convince creators that Pinterest is more than just a place to save; it’s a place to create, our strategy was to lead by example. We elevated this global broadcast with beautiful cinematography and stunning graphics and filled it with personality, stories and creativity, eschewing the conventions of online conferences and combatting Zoom fatigue.


Creators Festival 2021

Six one-hour shows broadcast across four time zones, featuring a cast of creators spread across the globe.

We conducted 30 shoots in just 12 days, spanning Colombia to Japan, pulling in a global team of creators, some of Pinterest HQs most important voices and global megastar Megan Thee Stallion.

To create a mixed media aesthetic we leaned into different shooting styles, from the cinematic to the DIY, pulling in the textures and personalities of different creators’ outputs and unifying everything with a beautiful collage inspired creative identity that worked across event design, motion graphics and social assets.

We took a collaborative, creator-first approach, shining the spotlight on creators around the world, handing over the mic and asking them to share their definition of success, how the platform has helped them and weaving in product and brand messaging through their stories of making it.

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