Clerkenwell Design Week

Amplify + Porsche driven by design at Clerkenwell Design Week...


Amplify was challenged to create an unmissable moment that cut through culture, drove brand leadership and celebrated play in an irreverent way that solidified PlayStation’s role in Australian culture.

Insight + Strategy

Porsche's principle has always been that function and beauty are inseparable.

So, we got right to the heart of the Taycan’s electric motor to turn one of the car’s most minor design details into a beautiful installation celebrating the car and its performance.

Knowing Porsche wanted to connect with a more youthful demographic and the next wave of creative leaders, we set out to tell a story that appealed to core Porsche lovers and the new Luxurians.

As well as being cultural magpies and conscious consumers, this new audience isn’t into gimmicks and searches for value, function, and form.

By revealing the purity of the car’s design, we could humanise the practicality of the Taycan Cross Turismo without diminishing the beauty or excitement of experiencing a Porsche for the first time.


Clerkenwell Design Week 2022.

Inspired by the hairpin-winding at the centre of the Taycan’s electric motor, we created a structural and architectural motif that brought an unconventional and technically complex part of the manufacturing process to life.

We also integrated apertures into the shroud so that people could view the Taycan Cross Turismo from every angle.

A central installation at the heart of Clerkenwell Design Week 2022, our space challenged visitors’ perception of Porsche design and inspired them to take a closer look at the car driving the next wave of automotive adventure and electric vehicle performance.