Live from PS5

Amplify + PlayStation partner to drive global awareness of the renewed abundance of PS5 consoles.


Immediately following the original launch of the PS5 in 2020, it became very difficult, very quickly, to get your hands on a console.

But in 2023, millions more PlayStation 5 consoles hit the shelves globally. So how do you reignite the hype around the brand, the console and the worlds that the PS5 unlocks?

Insight + Strategy

Making the hype “real” by bringing the worlds of the console into ours.

Due to the global microchip shortage due to COVID, PS5s have been in reduced supply globally since the console’s launch in Nov 2020 generating huge demand amongst players.

Those that are yet to get their hands on a console had seen title after title be released, along with the hype that came with them - all while not being able to immerse themselves in those worlds.

So with this campaign, we wanted to tap into this global demand and excitement for the exclusive gameplay PS5 gives you access to, by bringing those worlds to life in unique ways, all around the globe - and turn their arrival into a hype building news story.

All with the goal of giving yet-to-be console owner that drive to hit the freshly restocked shelves - and get their hands on a console.


Live from PS5

Crash landing into 14 different locations around the world, came iconic elements from the most popular PS5 titles.

The campaign launched with a global ‘Live From PS5’ film - which follows a faux PS5 news crew, covering unique game ‘invasion moments’ happening around the globe.

Following its release, each market had their own IP activation, in the form of an IRL game moment (or moments) which popped up in high-footfall locations. Each moment created a unique “news story” which was covered by a local ‘Live from PS5’ news crew which we created.

We created the global story as told by each local news team, by producing and supplying detailed event production and content guidelines for each territory.

Branded ‘Live from PS5’ news vans parked at each site, which were cordoned off with branded tape, ensured brand ownership and added to the mystique of the experience.

Our local roving reporters were filmed at each location with some light-hearted reporting on the goings on from the scene. We cast scientists, other experts and passersby to create engaging interview content to help bring the mystery and intrigue of the experience to life as part of content capture.